Tuesday, August 27, 2019

A painful mistake...

I committed a cardinal sin of cooking this weekend.

While slicing potatoes on the mandolin slicer, I sliced both my thumb and my middle finger.  It is totally my fault.  I wasn't using the hand guard because I just couldn't find it.  Once I'd stopped the bleeding, thrown out the ruined potatoes and bandaged my finger, you can bet I dug around until I found the hand guard.

Now, I'm struggling to type with a wounded middle finger.  Great time to try to make a renewed effort to write more...

Ah, well...a week from now it won't hurt to type.  I hope.

Friday, August 23, 2019

New, dangerous discovery...

I've suddenly discovered that blogger/blogspot is accessible from my work computer.  Previously, it was a locked out site.

This could be very good or it could be very bad.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Wow...is this still a thing?

I've been a baaaaad boy.

I kind of forgot that this existed until just now.  I won't make any promises like I've made in the past, but I really need to get back into writing here.

Someday, I really want to have a career as a writer.  Putting things here might help that somehow...or not, who knows?

So...how's life?

Life is about the same...still work the same job in the same company; still have the same wife and kids; still have the same struggles; still have the same successes.

Sure, there are new struggles and new successes, but they aren't anything that anyone else hasn't gone through in their lives.

Keep with me here and I swear I'll post more.  Ugh...there goes a promise...