Friday, November 12, 2010

The Adventures of Bug and Cheese
Character Reference 1-0

    Bug is a typical, if above average 10 year old boy.  He enjoys video games and television as well as several outdoor activities like soccer and fishing.

    Cheese is Bug’s 7 year old brother.  He likes many of the same things as his big brother.  He can be a bit of a tag along, but he is starting to stand on his own.  Cheese tends to be a bit hard-headed, but Bug can usually soften him up.

    Leo is the boys’ father.  He doesn’t show up much in the story.

    Anna is the boys’ mother.  Not sure yet if she’ll make an appearance.

Grammy Ann
    Grammy Ann is the boys’ maternal grandmother.

Grandma Annie      
    Grandma Annie is the boys’ paternal grandmother and their host for their two weeks.  She is happy to have her grandsons, but she doesn’t really want them under foot or sitting around watching television the whole time.

Grandpa Lee

    Grandpa Lee is the boys’ paternal grandfather.

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